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Webinar Trainings

Best investment in a Webinar I have made. Items were not a sales point but actual data that can make us more effective in our local markets.

Charlie Pankey
Senior Sales Representative
Sierra Nevada Media

Very informative webinar.  Well presented and displayed.  Got lots of valuable information that will be easy and beneficial to implement.

Kelly Claycomb
Key Accounts Sales Manager
Evansville Courier & Press

The speaker was fantastic who logically and professionally presents relative material and keeps the presentation moving at a desirable pace.

Gary Troutman
Classified Advertising Manager
Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Obviously - the speaker has a wealth of experience - consequently I'd like his name and number for gleaning future comments or perhaps a personal conversation.  Ironically - I'm in the middle of creating some "good", "better" and "best" packages that encompass all of my companies web sites, shoppers and newspapers......I look forward to re-reviewing the PowerPoint presentation....

"....it was very compelling how ROI can be calculated, and therefore substantiated, in keeping a dealers share of advertising dollars.....or, in some cases, resurrecting dealers who have gone dormant.  Furthermore, I eagerly look forward to tailoring the webinar's "scenario-model" to our specific needs.

Brian Maki
General Manager
Lee Enterprises