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The Charlotte Observer chooses Exponent Media Group's Cloud Pagination Service to produce new Automotive Section

Growth Continues to Accelerate for Exponent Media Group, Inc.
Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Orlando, Florida, August 13, 2014 --

Exponent Media Group, Inc., will now produce the weekly automotive section for The Charlotte Observer, in Charlotte NC. 

Chris Maikisch, President of Exponent Media Group said, "Our growth continues to accelerate throughout the industry with news of our innovative reporting features that allows our clients to prove print value with empirical data.  Its some of the most exciting news we have had in the past 5 years of supporting newspapers.  The Charlotte Observer is a Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper and one of the oldest and established media institutions in the state ofNorth Carolina.  We're proud to serve the staff and the readership of the paper".  


About Cloud Pagination

Exponent Media Group's patented Cloud Pagination technology aggregates automotive listings from any source on The Internet and paginates a broadsheet or tab newsprint product within minutes.


About Exponent Media Group, Inc. 

The premier automotive segment vendor to the newspaper industry.  Serving 300 newspapers throughout the US and Canada, Exponent Media Group, Inc., is focused on providing technology to the newspaper industry that allows them to grow revenue and reduce costs associated with legacy tasks of producing a daily or weekly newspaper.  Our current product portfolio includes digital, print pagination and the most innovative mobile solutions for newspaper clients to offer to their local auto dealers.


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Michelle Melvin

Director of Communications