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Exponent Media Group, Inc. Partners with Shaw Media to Produce Innovative Print & Online Automotive Products

“Our newest technology is a game changer for print auto sections.”
Sunday, September 18, 2016


Orlando, Florida, September 19, 2016 -- 

Today, Exponent Media Group announced its partnership with The Shaw Media Group of Chicago. In October, the two will team to begin publishing a used car automotive section incorporating innovative technology features in addition to providing all the automotive content for the newspaper’s online automotive portal.

Exponent Media’s Cloud Pagination system will provide The Shaw Group of Newspapers a new automotive section that comprehensively tracks dealer sales through its proprietary reporting technology. The advertising department will gain access to unprecedented real-time sales data from print sections to share with advertisers including estimates of weekly dealer gross profits. This will allow account executives to quantify the value of newspaper advertising. 

“Our newest technology is a game changer for print auto sections.” said Chris Maikisch, President/CEO. “The data we provide newspapers switches the sale from order taking to consultation showing dealers in black and white the value newspapers add to their businesses.” 

Media Contact: 

Michelle Melvin

Director of Communications