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Automotive Cloud Pagination™

Grow your print automotive revenue by up to 15% on an annual basis and ad-count by 10-fold...overnight!

Cloud Paginated sections come with unique reporting that provides our clients with empirical data showing section performance regardless if readers call, drive up, or go to the dealer's website.  We capture & report on all activity.

Consulting ServiceOur Automotive Clients outperform their industry peers and competitors....100% of the time.

No competing media discusses product value with local auto dealers like an Exponent Media Group Client.

No Other Media!

Auto Sales Reporting

Keep up to date with new and used car sales in your market with our Local Automotive Intelligence Report. Designed specifically for media companies selling to auto dealers. This report is simple to understand and to put into use to validate the dealer's ROI of having purchased media from your company.

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Local Auto Intelligence Reports


Expand the product solutions you offer your local auto advertisers with a complete mobile strategy.  Your Dealers get a mobile featuring New & Used Inventory, "Text for a Quote" function on their regular website, mobile coupons and mobile service reminder products.

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